Art Director: Me vs the Tooth Fairy

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February 16, 2016 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Art - Design


Me vs the Tooth Fairy


Art Director


Derek Bishe

“Production designers and Art Directors are usually given the task of having their work be invisible.  To create a world where everything seems “ordinary”.  This film really allowed the set design to become a stylized piece of art that complimented this Dr. Suess themed story.” (Justin Jackola, Director at JJack Productions).

Hi everyone and thanks for joining us here at Exposing the Crew: A Place for Chicago-made Short Films!  

This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT is “Me vs the Tooth Fairy”.  Written by Josh Golden, we follow a young boy who vows to protect his sister from the molar-stealing monster.

In order to figure out the best way to represent a visual concept for a short whimsical film like this one, a person must be able to determine what images and design elements will visually stimulate the storyline to its audience.  Which is why we chose to EXPOSE the talented Derek Bishe.

Working closely with the producers and directors of a film, the Art Director oversees the set design.  Set design involves everything from props and costume, to make-up design and the construction of the home and/or world where these characters live.  The Art Director’s job requires that they understand design elements in order to achieve the right style or look that brings a story to life, and may hire other creative designers to assist in creating that world.

Thank you for watching this week’s “EXPOSED” short film, and reading our new blog Exposing the Crew: A Place for Chicago-made Short Films!

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