Actress: Claudia DiBiccari

Posted by Justin Jackola
December 6, 2016 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Actors


Best Friend




Claudia DiBiccari

An actor translates words written on a page to emotions and actions in real life. They bring life to fictional characters, and make not only the characters, but the emotions, feel real.” – Claudia DiBiccari

Hi everyone and thanks for checking out this weeks Exposing The Crew short film!

Who here has done the 48 Hour Film Project? After your film crew is assigned a genre, character, prop, and a line of dialog, you have exactly 48-hours to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a completed short film. It’s an amazing creative exercise to keep the innovative juices flowing.

I was actually lucky enough to be a part of this weeks highlighted short film, Best Friend. An amazing project involving 30+ crew and my friends at some of the largest film companies here in Chicago. It was through this project that I met this weeks highlighted Actress, Claudia DiBiccari.

We pooled together several cast members, so that once we received our secret assignments from the 48 Hour Film Project, we had a variety of talent to choose from. We ended up casting three actors: Kyle Dal Santo, Shannon Brown, and Claudia DiBiccari. All of whom had worked together previously. Our entire cast and crew did an amazing job, but we wanted to give our very talented lead actress this weeks ETC credit.

“The professionalism by the cast and crew was very impressive – not to mention comforting. One of the things I remember most about filming, was the patience the director, Justin Jackola, had, and the way he spoke to the actors to help understand the character.” – Claudia DiBiccari

This project was made great because of the all the hard work of our amazing crew. It was some of the most fun I’ve had on any project. #NotEnoughSleepOrFood

Claudia had zero time to prep because of the nature of the project, yet she convinced us of her characters fear, anxiety, and sadness. Tears and all. As a film Director I’m constantly reviewing all aspects of every film. Constantly judging it to pick out what could have been done better or differently. When watching Claudia perform I can honestly say I never have any judgements. I can relax and just enjoy the story because her skill level makes her acting invisible and her character visible. She’s a very talented and has a heart of gold.

Thank you Claudia DiBiccari for helping create such a unique short film for our viewers this week. If you would like to cast Claudia for your next project, please CONTACT US, so we can connect you with her!

We’d also like to thank the 48 Hour Film Project for putting on such a fun annual competition:

Thank you for watching this week’s Exposing the Crew “EXPOSED” short film!

See You Next Tuesday,

Justin Jackola (Director at JJack Productions)