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Posted by Justin Jackola
December 13, 2016 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Colorist




Color Correction


Spencer Lantz

The colorist is responsible for a few key things, one of the most important parts of the job is matching shots for things like exposure, contrast, saturation etc. In addition the colorist is responsible for helping the DP and Director achieve the final look in the film or commercial to help best tell the story or sell a particular product. –  Spencer Lantz

Hi everyone and thanks for checking out this weeks Exposing The Crew short film!

Today we have a special treat for you! Our highlighted short film, DEPARTURES, is part of a Chicago indie feature called Door County! DEPARTURES is a proof-of-concept demonstrating the filmmakers ability to produce their upcoming feature! They’ve only got 7-days left on their Kickstarter and they’re so close! Click the Kickstarter link HERE or at the bottom of this article to help them reach their goal!

Now for our chosen filmmaker this week: Colorist Spencer Lantz. Once you’ve experienced the opening bar scene in this film, you’ll understand why we chose to highlight Mr. Lantz. Specifically look at the bar scene shot at 3:00. This shot is an amazing contrast of orange and blue, which is a compliment to Mr. Lantz knowledge of color grading. For those not familiar with color grading, the colors orange and blue are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. Colorists will often use colors on the opposite end of the spectrum to create more contrast in the image, which allows them to capture the viewers attention and direct it where they want. A beautiful “scientific” trick.

“My favorite part about the color in departures has gotta be the bar scene, we were able to really play with the darkness of the bar isolating them from the outside world” – Mr. Lantz

Another notable color correction moment in the film takes place at 6:36 before the basement lights are turned on. Mr. Lantz does a particularly good job of using his craft to help hide what’s lying on the basement floor. If you’re new to film, and have never seen side-by-side comparisons of color graded and  not color graded images, I would highly suggest it.

“For departures our goal was to make the piece naturally moody in a sense, and to really try and play with a sort of modern noir feel. Kyle our DP did a great job on set lighting for that style and we took it further in post, so grading this film was a real treat.” – Mr. Lantz

Thank you Spencer Lantz for helping create such a unique short film for our viewers this week. If you would like to hire Spencer for your next project, please CONTACT US, so we can connect you with him!

We’d also like to thank Vincent Labriola, for submitting and his directorial contribution to this project. Click below to support his upcoming feature film Door County!

Thank you for watching this week’s Exposing the Crew “EXPOSED” short film!

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