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August 1, 2017 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Composers


The Painter Without a Smile




Michael Vignola

“As a composer, I specialize in creating soundtracks and trailers for Film, TV, and Media.” – Michael Vignola

Film is a medium that is fortunate enough to evoke a vast array of emotions through visuals and sounds. According to American composer Aaron Copland and his essay Film Music, there are “5 Ways Which Music Serves the Screen”: creating a more convincing atmosphere of time and place, underlining psychological refinements, serving as a kind of neutral background filler, building a sense of continuity, and underpinning the theatrical build-up of a scene, and rounding it off with a sense of finality. 

After connecting with the director of A Painter Without a Smile on social media, Michael Vignola, composer and our “EXPOSED” crew member of the week, came on board for the project and helped create the soundtrack.

“The overall atmosphere it recreated for the production [was my favorite part of the film]. Composing the film was a pure joy all the way through.” – Michael Vignola

As a composer, Michael has produced many soundtracks for many kinds of projects, and has gained a wealth of knowledge along the way. One of the things he wished that more filmmakers understood , was not only the amount of time put into a score, but also the over use of temp tracks – currently in the industry, there is a trend of using temp music in place of an original composition. Temp Music is a score from a film that has already been released, but is placed into a rough edit of a film currently production, before the soundtrack has been composed. According to Vignola, composers detest temp music.

“[Personally], I feel it puts a production in a box. The process of creating a sonic landscape unique to a filmmakers story is [one of] the building blocks of a great collaboration.” – Michael Vignola

But how do you make a film composition so powerful? When it comes to films such as Jaws, Star Wars, Psycho, or James Bond, these films have music that not only pairs well with the visuals and genre, but also evokes a kind of nostalgia to its audiences. So what is it about this project that Vignola was trying to create? For him,  it was a sense of inspiration and positivity: an optimism that would leave the audience feeling hopeful.

“Composing for film is exciting, and to have the opportunity to tell a story that truly inspires people is what it is all about.” – Michael Vignola

Thank you to Michael Vignola for your wonderful wisdom, and sharing your project with us! If you’d like to connect with Michael, click the ABOUT ME button on his picture, and reach out to him directly!

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