Location Sound Mixer: Ed Bornstein

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November 28, 2017 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Audio


HAMMERSMITH: Hurdle of Dreams


Location Sound Mixing


Ed Bornstein

“A Location Sound Mixer is important because there are often unwanted noises to deal with, or the required camera shots hamper the placing of microphones. It’s really noisy everywhere all the time; humans have selective hearing, microphones do not.” – Ed Bornstein

Consider for a moment, the mental checklist you go through on set: is my cast here? Is all of my crew ready? Are we on schedule? What about catering? Which scene are we doing first? Did we get that rig set up? Where is the PA….I just saw them? Will we have time to finish up the last take? Can we do another take after that? Will this be lost in the editing room?

Typically, you allow yourself enough time to plan ahead, but sometimes you have to put fires out as they come along – and that’s especially true if the film you are trying to make needs to be done within 48 hours.

That’s right ETC readers! We’re highlighting a fellow filmmaker who put their skills to the test during this years 48 Film Project: Location Sound Mixer, Ed Bornstein and his film HAMMERSMITH: Hurdle of Dreams.

“It’s worth taking chances and doing fun things that are out of your element. [The 48 Hour Film Competition] also reminded me that often times our first instinct or take is the best one.” – Ed Bornstein

While this was Ed’s first time participating in the 48 Hour Film Project, he’s no stranger to doing sound mixing. Ed is a freelance sound mixer who’s worked on various projects before, including commercial work. As a sound mixer, it’s important for him to ensure that all captured dialogue is clear, that he advises on any retakes needed, and that he works closely with the boom operator in order to get clean recordings. The boom operator is the one who watches over the audio equipment, positions the microphones during filming, and ensues that the equipment isn’t seen during a shoot. They are, essentially,  an assistant to the sound mixer.

“It was nice to spend little to no time second guessing or overshooting things, and was an excellent opportunity to trust our collective gut, be super resourceful, and have a good time in the process.”  -Ed Bornstein

We really appreciated what Ed was able to do with such a limited amount of time, especially considering the location the film was shot in! One of the crew members had a family member who was able to get the team into a historic landmark, where all of the filming and sound was recorded. Without any time to record foley for the short, Ed did what he could with what he had.

“For the chase scenes through the corridors…I placed wireless mics throughout the course, as it was all a gimbal shot and I had to be out of the way.” – Ed Bornstein

Thank you Ed Bornstein for creating such a wonderful piece this week, especially with what resources you had! We also want to say congrats, as HAMMERSMITH: Hurdle of Dreams went on the win BEST FILM, Best Actor: Nick Wilson, Best Directing: Kyle Leland, Best Cinematography: Justin Nico Flocco, Best Editing: Kyle Leland, Justin Nico Flocco, Best Writing: Kyle Leland, Justin Nico Flocco, Eric Miller, and the Audience Award for the competition! HUGE Congrats Team!

If you would like to hire Ed for your next project, please select the ABOUT ME on his photo.

We’d also like to thank the 48 Hour Film Project for putting on such a fun annual competition: 48hourfilm.com

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