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September 26, 2017 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Producers


False Conjecture




Amanda Krupp

“[Producers] are sort of the middle man between the director and the rest of the crew members…we focus on all the little details.” – Amanda Krupp

In David Lynch’s autobiography & self-help guide Catching the Big Fish, he makes an interesting comparison between film, ideas, and puzzle pieces. For him, an idea is a thought which “holds more than you think it does when you first receive it”. In that first moment of a thought, there is a spark, and then suddenly the idea & process start to come all at once. Well, maybe to most other people it does, but apparently not for Lynch. For him, “It would be great if the entire film came all at once. But it comes, for me, in fragments. That first fragment is like the Rosetta stone. It’s the piece of the puzzle that indicates the rest.”

Lynch was directing this quote towards writing, but I think this is true of anything in filmmaking, including positions on set.  After all, doesn’t a director first need to tear apart a screenplay, just to rebuild it again visually? Does a gaffer not need to analyze a scene, experiment with different thoughts before finding the right lighting and moving on? And what about Producers? Are they not, essentially, the pieces of the puzzle themselves? Well, if you ask this weeks “EXPOSED” crew member, Producer Amanda Krupp, the answer is yes.

“A producer is responsible for putting every logistical piece of the puzzle together in order to make the director’s vision possible…it doesn’t always happen the way we originally intended, but rolling with the punches is the only way to move forward.” – Amanda Krupp

To be a producer, there are three main things to consider: can you put together a creative & talented crew? Do you feel responsible enough for all aspects of a film’s production? And can you turn a story into a profit? While the later half of those questions is targeted toward films with distribution, the other two are absolutely necessary to ask yourself before diving into the field. That’s why the Academy Award for Best Picture goes to the Producers – the film is theirs from start to finish.

Although False Conjecture was done by DePaul students, the project was independant of any class requirement. Amanda & her team used DePaul’s equipment, and even some DePaul students to assist on set. In fact, some of the actors were assembled last second due to scheduling conflicts – meaning a lot of them were extra crew members or friends of those working on the film.

“I wish more people understood how tedious producing can be… we have to focus on the little details that mainly have to do with communication, which you can’t always rely on other people for. It’s different for every project, but the mindset behind how you’re working should always be the same.” – Amanda Krupp

It’s important to note that Amanda and her team took 5 months of pre-production to get the film made – 3 months of which everyone was in separate states. It’s because of Amanda’s drive & passion for her work, that really showcase her skills as a producer. We look forward to seeing many more of the projects she works on!

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