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Samuel Han

“A writer creates a story and dialogue for the film; a good story and dialog is the first step of good film.” – Samuel Han

Japan has come up with some of the scariest and most iconic stories for cinema: if you’ve seen The Grudge, The Ring, Dark Water, or The Uninvited,  then you’ve seen a remake of what was originally a Japanese film. But it’s not just their movies: Japanese urban legends are notorious for being disturbing and terrifying (case in point, the story of Kuchisake Onna – the Slit-Mouth Woman).

If you’re a fan of both Japanese and horror films in general, then you have something in common with our “EXPOSED” crew member of the week, Writer Samuel Han! Samuel’s short film JPEGs was inspired by a  Japanese short, horror story, which he modified to make more modern. He not only wrote the film, but directed it, as well as enlisted his wife to help with the production. For Samuel, the best kinds of horror films are the ones that get back to the basics of filmmaking.

“I really like the old-fashioned horror film style, where there is no gore and no CGI; I like horror with good story, and ones that really make you think.”  -Samuel Han

Loving the genre was the only motivation Han needed to start making films. His wife and him have come up with numerous stories that are now hosted on his BumbleB Productions YouTube channel. Having had the channel quite some time for other video projects, Han started making the horror films he wanted to see. But the process has not always been easy; for Samuel, the real challenge was finding an idea he could work with.

“There is a lot of pressure to come up with something interesting and unique…coming up with the idea and writing it took the most (production) time.  It took many months to shape the idea and figure out how to present it.” – Samuel Han

While writing took the longest, shooting was done in a day, and editing took a few weeks since (due to Han’s full time job). But for Samuel, this was an important project, and brainstorming new ideas is one of his favorite aspects of filmmaking.

“Writing is the first step to making a great film.  It’s not a glamorous part of filmmaking – it’s very difficult.  But you get better as you do more.” – Samuel Han

Thank you Samuel Han for sharing JPEGs! If you would like to work with Samuel for your next project, please CONTACT US, so we can connect you with him!

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