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Geeta's Guide to Moving On




Puja Mohindra

“[Writers] provide the blueprint for the creative input of the Producer, Director, Production Designer, Composer and Editor, cast and crew…screenplays should allow whoever is reading it to imagine how the film will work on screen.” – Creative Skillset

Filmmaking is “trial & error”. No single production will have the same experience as another, and no single filmmaker will have the same process as someone else. A lot of the time, we all just figure it out as we go along. Or at least, most things. There is one thing that seems to be pretty universal, and that’s just how busy you’ll be as a filmmaker. Universally, we can all agree that it’s pretty difficult sometimes.

“It requires incredible focus & discipline to isolate yourself from other people, [as well as] other commitments in order to write & create…that means saying no to other activities and people, but most of my friends and family are really understanding and supportive of this.” – Puja Mohindra

This week, we’re talking to “EXPOSED” filmmaker, Puja Mohindra! She is not only the writer & lead actress for Geeta’s Guide to Moving Onbut also directed & executive produced some of the episodes. For Puja, this was more than just a collaborative passion project – it was a story that really pushed her to think about her own creative process.

“I always want things to move faster, but with this web series I’ve come to accept the natural ebb & flow…It’s a passion project & an indie project. I try my best to move as efficiently, as possible. But it takes time, and that has taught me patience, which is something that doesn’t come naturally to me.” – Puja Mohindra

Geeta’s Guide to Moving On took about 2 years to complete – 3 episodes were shot in 2016, with 8 more shot earlier last year. For Puja, it was important to have the series focus not only on the romantic struggle Geeta must endure, but also Geeta’s Indian & American Identity. Shows such as Master of NoneJane the Virgin, Insecure, and Modern Family had an influence in the look, style, and tone of the series.

“[These shows] do an amazing job of taking an all-American and universally human experience and sharing it through a culturally-specific lens, and I hope we achieved that with “Geeta’s Guide To Moving On.”” – Puja Mohindra

From the very start, Puja looked to create a series that felt very “East-Meets-West”, which meant that things such as color palette, wardrobe, & production design had an homage to Bollywood films – films that Puja grew up with. Along with that, the choice of music was integral.  While writing the series, Puja sought to create a diverse & compelling soundtrack.

“I researched & discovered indie/emerging artists, and arranged collaborations to license their work. Creating the soundtrack for this show has definitely been a lot of work, but the music in the series is to me one of its most original features, as the East-meets-West mash-up music reflects the duality of Geeta’s Indian and American identity.” – Puja Mohindra

Thanks to social media, Geeta’s Guide to Moving On has been able to connect with not only fans, but the musicians who’s work is featured on the show. It’s clear that this isn’t just a passion project – Puja (& her team) have created a series that is relatable, funny, and long over due. Geeta’s Guide to Moving On already has three episodes out, but the rest of the first season premieres next week on April 25th! Be sure to check it out here or on YouTube! For more show updates, check out their official social media profiles!

Thank you Puja Mohindra for not only creating a wonderful series, but for sharing your thoughts and process with our readers! If you’d like to connect with Puja, be sure to click the “ABOUT ME” to connect with her. Also be sure to follow with her work on Instagram & Twitter, and check out her Facebook for more updates.

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