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April 24, 2018 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Composers


The Perfect Date




Wesley Engel

“As a composer, you must have the skills to write music for films that match the directors vision, put together a team of musicians, orchestrators, copyists, and programmers, and oversee the recording of the film score.” – Creative Skillset

Sometimes, it’s the most unconventional ideas that become your best solution. Case in point, our “EXPOSED” crew member of the week, Composer & recording artist, Wesley Engel!

“Instead of going for the spookiest sound I could, I ended up playing from a place I thought this guy would be in mentally: delusional and romantic in a messed up way…which led to a collaboration with the crickets in my garage.” – Wesley Engel

Wesley Engel was part of the 48 Hour Film Project (Chicago) that produced The Perfect Date. For the 48 Hour Film Project (run by Chicago Producer, Jerry Vasilatos), filmmakers write, shoot, and edit an entire short film in just 48 hours. On the night before the competition starts (Friday), teams draw a genre from a hat, and are given a character, prop, and line to include in their films. On the last night (Sunday), the teams drop off their films, which are then screened at a local theater in front of an audience of filmmakers, friends and families. The “Best Film” for each local city goes on to show at Filmapalooza, which can go on to win $5000, screenwriting software, and even an opportunity to show at Cannes.

“I had seen a few snippets of what [the team] had after the first day of shooting, and realized [the director] wanted a relatable killer…the movie opens with a crackling broken synth that, to me, represented this guy’s scattered thoughts.” – Wesley Engel

Because the entire project had to be completed within 48 hours, that meant a lot of multitasking was going on. For Wesley, he wasn’t able to see a lot of the footage that was being shot; instead, he used his best judgment based on very little information. With roughly 2 days to come up with compositions that fit the narrative of the film, Wesley found it hard to work with the deadline, as well as writer’s block.

“I wish people understood that I really do put myself into every sound I make.” – Wesley Engel

You can hear the personality Wesley added to the music for The Perfect Date. As a composer, it’s important to write score that will guide the audience through the story, increase its emotional impact, & give the film an atmosphere. True of any project, but even more so with this one, Wesley had to understand various types of music compositions, and improvise – he needed to have an expansive knowledge in music, as well as an understand some elements of filmmaking. With those two things combined, he’s able to let his passion for music and story telling drive his imagination for a soundtrack.

Thank you, Wesley Engel, for helping create such a unique short film for our viewers this week. If you would like to hire Wesley for your next project, please click the “ABOUT ME” button over his photo!

We’d also like to thank the 48 Hour Film Project for putting on such a fun annual competition:

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