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Everything Will Be Just (Fine)




Alex Srednoselac

“[A cinematographer] creates the visual identity of the film. They work with the Director, camera crew, and lighting department to achieve the look of the story. They also manage all aspects of filming: from ordering and overseeing equipment, to reviewing footage, and more.” – Creative Skillset

As a filmmaker, when you connect with something it may influence you to create work that is similar or inspired by the impact it left you. In the case of our “EXPOSED” crew member of the week, Cinematographer Alex Srednoselac, he fell in love with a song his friend had written. Quickly enough, he developed a story and created a music video for it.

“I connected a lot to the song and very quickly formed a story in my mind…This is the first project I felt I made for a particular audience. I think that helped teach me a lot about my ability as a storyteller to connect to a certain group of people.” – Alex Srednoselac

Everything Will Be Just (Fine) is focused on depression. Though the project was shot in two days, it was separated over the course of 2 seasons: Alex filmed one day during the winter and another during the summer. The winter scenes were shot to emphasize harsher thoughts, whereas the summer has a much warmer feeling.

“I don’t think it would have had the same feeling had I shot everything in the same season…I felt the cool, dark eeriness of the woods emphasized what could be those darker thoughts. We don’t know much about our character other than what’s going on in her mind at this moment in the story.” – Alex Srednoselac 

Alex wore various hats on this project: as it was a very small production, he was not only the cinematographer, but also director and editor. As a director, sometimes you have to play those dual roles, and luckily for Alex, it worked out very well. Because he already had the story in mind, he was able to compose the shots exactly as he saw fit – all with using his Blackmagic camera.

“I’m always able to grab my Blackmagic and get the image that I want…It hardly ever lets me down and it really helped me bring my vision to life. This entire project was very run-and-gun. The only real preparation I had was discussing with the actors the story and feeling I was trying to convey.” – Alex Srednoselac 

Well-said! Thank you, Alex Srednoselac, for sharing your process with us! If you would like to hire Alex for your next project, please CONTACT US, so we can connect you with him!

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