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June 12, 2018 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Audio


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Arbob Khan

“The Foley [Artist] adds subtle sounds that production microphones often miss. These often relate to movement, such as footsteps, fights, fists banging on a door, or pouring wine, shards of glass falling from a broken window.” – Creative Skillset

Jack Foley was an American sound effect “pioneer”. He is credited with developing the method of performing sound effects live & in sync with a picture during a film’s post-production – a method still used today called “Foley Work“. If Foley is done right, it will add realism to a scene, without disrupting the audience’s attention.

This week, we’re highlighting “EXPOSED” crew member, Arbob Khan, for his sound design and foley work in The Fall.

“That most sound in a film is added on after the fact – from cloth movement, footsteps to props and impacts – they are frequently layered in post production.” – Arbob Khan

If there is not a lot of action involved, foley artists typically start work at the end of picture editing. According to Creative Skillset, the Foley [Artist], Supervising Sound Editor, the Director, and, sometimes, the Picture Editor will coordinate a “Spotting Session” – otherwise known as a creative meeting where the film is viewed and stopped whenever necessary to discuss what the Director wishes to hear for that particular scene.

“Our foley stage was a useful platform in getting “The Fall” done. Body drags on pavement and tile surfaces, as well as ceramics used for the bathroom sounds really made the project pop out during the intense moments.” – Arbob Khan

Foley work took Arbob a couple of weeks to complete. For him, the most challenging part of process, was deciding what would be from his SFX library, and what to be foley’d. While he did end up using a combination of both, it was useful for him to keep an open mind, especially when working with very specific movements. What seemed to really help Arbob the most, however, was when the director, Adem Suljic, and his brother would come into the studio.

“When they’re in the same room, there’s so much added character & comical conviction behind their conversations…[it] truly helped us build and place in the off-screen dialog.” – Arbob Khan

You’ll notice that this particular film was done on not only an iPhone, but also a One Shot – which is something that isn’t seen as often in film. While The Fall  was done for a Visual Design course at DePaul, Adem really wanted to take an opportunity to experiment with the tools and tricks he had learned. For Arbob, that was the icing on the cake.

“I’m a huge fan of long cuts since you can play around with your surroundings a little bit more, notably when it comes to panning, so this was definitely something I wanted to be a part of.” – Arbob Khan

Thank you, Arbob, for sharing with us your technique! If you would like to work with Arbob Khan, be sure to click the “About Me” button over his photo!

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