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Posted by Samantha George
August 14, 2018 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Wardrobe


Kill The Light


Wardrobe Stylist


Emily McClaren

“Wardrobe stylists…assist in the collaboration of bringing the characters in the script to real life through wardrobe and styling. From sourcing & shopping to fittings and dressing each character on set.” – Emily McClaren

Screenwriters, directors, producers, and editors (the list goes on) are all crucial members of a film. However, a wardrobe stylist also plays a major role in putting the writer’s idea into fruition. Emily McClaren was brought on by director Mark Shimmel as the Wardrobe Stylist for Kill The Light. Her job was to convince the audience that each characters’ style created an authentic look that catered to the setting of the film.

“I believe, the most crucial part was to convince the audience that those specific clothes did in fact belong in those characters closets.” – Emily McClaren

Many misconceive wardrobe as superficial and heavily focused on shopping. However, wardrobe helps create the narrative of each character. Emily loves her career path because wardrobe contributes to the storytelling, which is crucial and powerful.

“Through wardrobe the audience is given yet one more layer to not only connect with, but believe in the authenticity of a certain character and their storyline.” – Emily McClaren

Another misconception is stylists’ personal style oftentimes bleed into the work done on a project. Adding a personal spin will happen naturally, but Emily loves the challenge of stepping out her comfort zone and becoming one with each character to create their looks. 

“A huge reason why I love styling so much is the ability to remove my own style, to then immerse myself into someone else’s. I will always add my personal spin on styling, but very much enjoy being challenged to think outside my comfort zone. “ – Emily McClaren

We love a great Wardrobe Stylist! Thank you so much Emily Mcclaren for sharing with us and being an “EXPOSED” crew member of this month!

If you are interested in hiring Emily, or would like to see more of her work, please click the “ABOUT ME” on her photo above, and let her know what you think of her work!



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