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For the Love of Christmas




Patrick Charles

“Cinematography is the art & science of capturing an image using a motion picture camera to tell a story.” – Patrick Charles

For over 15 years, our EPXOSED crew member of the week, cinematographer Patrick Charles has been good friends and a colleague of Chicago-based filmmaker Christopher Nolen (with an “e”). During that time, the two have shot 6 features and two shorts together. For the Love of Christmas (a 2016 family feature)took the filmmakers 11 days to shoot. It follows devoted husband Bryson and his wife Sunday during Christmas season. Bryson has had a strong desire to have children, and Sunday, once a loving wife, has lost touch with what love and the gift of giving really means. When a homeless family appears on their doorstep, Sunday is reacquainted with the vows that once held her marriage together.

“There is a shot in the film where the family is by the Christmas tree and the sun beams in through the window. It’s my favorite shot in the movie. It’s the first time where they become a “family”.” – Patrick Charles

As with most independent films, shooting an entire feature on limited time & budget is not easy. As a cinematographer, a.k.a. the Director of Photography, your job is to manipulate technical equipment with the intention to create visually appealing imagery on screen. It’s the cinematographers responsibility to decide what lenses, filters, lighting techniques, and camera movements will be used in a film.

“We’re an important part of the moving making process. People think we just point and shoot. They don’t understand the work that goes into creating an image to tell a story.” – Patrick Charles

Part of what makes Charles‘ job so difficult, is having to think on his feet and come up with shots at a moments notice. While cinematographers are typically involved throughout a production’s entire life-cycle, they also may be called in at a moments notice – only receiving a script, shot list, and storyboard a couple of days before a shoot. It’s up to them to plan the technical execution of each shot, along with what equipment and what staff are needed.

Thank you Patrick Charles for sharing such a wonderful trailer with us! If you would like to hire Charles for your next project, please CONTACT US, so we can connect you with him!

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