Writer: Janaya Green

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Janaya Green

“Screenwriters create screenplays for films. They provide the blueprint for the creative input of the Producer, Director, Production Designer, Composer and Editor, cast and crew.” -Creative Skill Set


This month’s ETC highlights screenwriter, Janaya Green for her short film Veracity. Veracity shows a black Chicago high school student struggling with her sexuality and coming out. Veracity is softly inspired by Janaya’s own experience in high school.

“At the time I didn’t really come to terms with my sexuality, so it wasn’t necessarily verbatim, but that was the inspiration I was thinking…and the main character wasn’t really based off me. I changed a lot of things around. I was really thinking about what it would be like for a black girl to come out in this predominantly black community.” – Janaya Green

Janaya won a competition called Scenarios USA that earned her script to be picked to be produced into a short film. People tend to misconceive that screenwriters can make an entire production. Yes, screenwriters provide the blueprint for a film, but there is an entire team that helps build the infrastructure of a film. Since Janaya won Scenarios, she was lucky enough to have a team who helped with production and distribution.

“After Veracity was produced and distributed people tend to think that I can make a movie on my own. I can just wake up and I could definitely write a script and I can submit it to other competitions, but i’m not really in the position to make a whole movie by myself.” – Janaya Green

Janaya credits this project for helping her become a better writer. Janaya is a journalism major, but also loves creative writing. Writing Veracity enhanced her skills as a visual writer.

“I learned how to communicate in a visual way. It made me a better writer and better visual storyteller.” – Janaya Green

Thank you so much Janaya Green for sharing with us and being an “EXPOSED” crew member of this month!

If you are interested in hiring Janaya, or would like to see more of her work, please click the “ABOUT ME” on her photo above, and let her know what you think of her work!