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Posted by Samantha George
February 14, 2017 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Actors


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Kevin Doherty

A voice actor dissects scripts, finds the point of view for the character along with the audience they are speaking to, and delivers various iterations for the producers/client’s. – Kevin Doherty

Hey Readers! You are in for a treat. Normally on ETC we don’t highlight commercial work, but we found this week’s “EXPOSED” crew member to have a great skill set, and we wanted to share that with all of you!

Voice Over Acting used to be a profession mainly used for radio dramas. However, as technology and media evolved, this type of performance grew in popularity and is now used for film, television, audio books, and as our “EXPOSED” crew member of the week Kevin Doherty explains, commercial work!

Normally on ETC, we don’t highlight commercial work, but we found Kevin’s skill set to be great, and we wanted to share that with our readers! When DMEautomotive wanted a different vision for their brand and company, they reached out to Kevin for his vocal talents.

This was an exciting project to be apart of. I was given a lot creative freedom…but the most challenging part of being any voice actor, is being able to take direction well while still staying true to your personality. Kevin Doherty

One of the techniques used by commercial adverts is de-breathing. De-breathing removes any breaths from a recorded voice, which cleans up the quality but maintains the actors personality.

In some cases, voice over work can be done in the comfort of the artist’s home, while other’s are hired to come into a studio and record. Drawing from the Ford Truck Tough ad campaign with Dennis Leary, Mr. Doherty’s performance was recorded and edited in about an hour – talk about a fast turnaround!

Thank you to Kevin Doherty, for sharing your work on the DMEautomotive campaign! If you would like to contact Kevin for any voice overs on your next project, please CONTACT US, and we’ll connect you with him!

Thank you for watching this week’s Exposing the Crew “EXPOSED” indie film!


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