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January 31, 2017 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Writers


Crispy Waves




Andy Barker

“It’s a writer’s purpose to take ideas and words from his head and put them onto paper, and arrange them in an original and engaging way. – Andy Barker

There are some stories that are formed from wanting to recreate a moment, and others that build from a conversation. However, if you’re writer Andy Barker, your story starts from a desire to animate skin melting off of someone’s skull.

In this week’s short film Crispy Waves, our “EXPOSED” crew member worked for two months and about a week of scattered writing sessions, to get the film completed. 

“…the most challenging part of being a writer, or anything really, is realizing that something is not working and it’s time to start over…When you put a lot of time and energy into something, it can be really hard to realize that it belongs on the floor.” – Andy Barker

It’s unknown what inspired the style of writing for the film. While the “slice-of-life-coming-of-age-anti-drug-story” was unique in it’s idea already, Andy relied on his usual tricks of the trade to get it started: for instance when it comes to dialogue, Mr. Barker likes to talk into a voice recorder to help naturalize words and loosen things up. Not to mention giving his characters backstory that we (the audience) may never see.

“I do a lot of backstory for my characters, which is very important to me. Every story needs a good backbone.” – Andy Barker

And even though details may not be used, some dialogue and ideas are too hard to let go of. For Andy, who also directed and animated the film, it’s hard to erase material completely.  Instead, he keeps an outtake section at the end of every word document to look back to.

“I actually wrote pages and pages of outtake dialogue for this character (Bobby Joe) that I look forward to delve into again if a sequel ever arises. My favorite part of writing this story was dealing with that comic relief…” – Andy Barker

Big thanks to Andy Barker, for sharing your film Crispy Waves with us at ETC!  If you would like to contact Andy to write your next project, please CONTACT US, and we’ll connect you with him!

We’d also like to thank Co-Producer Randall Tockes for submitting and his contribution to this project!

Thank you for watching this week’s Exposing the Crew “EXPOSED” short film!

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