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January 10, 2017 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Producers


Rex Kramer: Paranormal




Jeff Wisniewski

“A producer is really the jack of all trades for films, especially for any independent projects. Along with the task of budgeting, scheduling, and keeping the production on track, it doesn’t hurt to have knowledge of every aspect of filmmaking. Whether it’s camera, lighting, or editing, it’s always important to have that knowledge because it will help your production overall and further your skills as a filmmaker.”
– Jeff Wisniewski

This weeks indie project, Rex Kramer: Paranormal, is a 10-episode, found footage, comedy web series about a paranormal TV show host. It’s natural dialog and invisible acting makes it a well worth watch, and its  2-5 minute episodes satisfy your attention span. We’re honored to highlight this web series Producer, Jeff Wisniewski, for his hard work on this solid series.

“My favorite part about making this webseries was that I was not only working with some of the most talented actors and crew members I know, but they were people I also became close friends with over time.” – Jeff Wisniewski

Producing smaller indie project means you’re going to be wearing one thousand hats. You’re forced to think big picture (How are we going to get his project sold) and micro picture (how many sandwiches do we need for lunch today). This being a multi-episode series, Jeff also had to think about release, episodic story structure, and sales of short form content.

“Writing was what took us the longest. It was difficult to keep our writing producible while at the same time trying to tell the best possible story we could.” – Jeff Wisniewski

Producers also have the challenge of getting the right cast and crew attached to a project to make it valuable in the eyes of financiers and distributors. Diving into his own rolodex, Jeff was able to attach actor Jim O’Heir from TV’s Parks and Recreation.

“I had met Jim a few years prior to us making Rex Kramer: Paranormal. I reached out to him and he immediately agreed to work with us. He will forever be one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite people!” – Jeff Wisniewski

Thank you Jeff Wisniewski for helping create such a unique web series for our viewers this week. If you would like to contact Jeff for help producing your next project, please CONTACT US, and we’ll connect you with him!

We’d also like to thank Tribeca Flashpoint College for their contribution to the film community in Chicago and for graduating students like Jeff. Please check of Tribeca Flashpoint here:

You can watch the entire series on YouTube by clicking HERE: Rex Kramer: Paranormal

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