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Carlo Treviso

“A writer is a storyteller with a clear narrative point-of-view, and can truthfully communicate that point-of-view to their audience.”  – Carlo Treviso

Society’s fascination with Mars has always been present in movies, film, television, and popular culture; while it’s easy to let your imagine run wild with theories of “alien life” on the planet, it’s just as easy to forget that Mars does share some commonalities with Earth: much like our home planet, Mars has volcanos, around 24 hours in a day, and ice caps. 

Our “EXPOSED” crew member of the week, Carlo Treviso, has always been a big fan of Mars exploration and one day he wondered what would happen if those ice caps melted. Wouldn’t the ice start producing a frozen arctic? Wouldn’t scientists want to send a team to explore the new Martian habitat? What if they did send a team and what if that team were sled dogs?

Treviso, a director and writerran with his imagination and thus, the idea for Adirondack was formed! As he started writing the script in January 2012, very quickly Carlo was able to shoot the film in February, and work on post all through April. After 4 months, he had a finished film, and in 2013 it was an Official Nominee at the 17th annual Webby Awards.

“…I wanted to have fun with my approach to the story concept. I decided to treat it like a DisneyNature IMAX film and bring a documentary style quality to the storytelling. My scrappy little sci-fi film was up against heavy weights like Paramount Pictures and AMC Network.” – Carlo Treviso

Adirondack is definitely a fun and ambitious short film, but even as original as the idea may seem, as a writer it’s almost impossible to not feel a bit of self-doubt. Carlo admitted that, at times, he can struggle with asking himself if some ideas are original enough, if the writing is any good. But, talking from experience, he’ll tell you thats one of the challenges of being a writer:

“You have to learn to ignore these feelings of doubt and grit your teeth through a first draft. A story is no good when it stays in your head forever as a perfect idea. Putting it on paper let’s you start fixing it. That’s the only way you’ll ever be able to share it with an audience.” – Carlo Treviso

While the film is fantasy, Treviso took care in making sure the film was believable. He made sure to research what dog sled training entailed, and even made a reference to it in the film. At one point in Adirondack, the trainer informs the audience, “The lead dog is crucial, he sets the tone for the entire group. He’s chosen for his display of endurance and also courage.” That’s all true. Treviso made the process as authentic as possible. 

Thank you, Carlo Treviso, for helping create such a unique short film for our viewers this week! If you would like to connect with Carlo for your next project, please CONTACT US, so we can connect you with him!

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