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March 14, 2017 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Producers


Walk All Night: A Drum Beat Journey




Mallory Sohmer

“Plan, organize, budget, trouble-shoot, enable, and empower the creative process from start to finish – that’s what a producer does.” – Mallory Sohmer

Making films is a labor of love – usually, months of planning, production, and post work is involved before a film ever gets to be seen by an audience. If you’re Mallory Sohmer, our “EXPOSED” crew member of the week, you’ll know that better than anyone! It took nearly 5 years for her film Walk All Night: A Drum Beat Journey to come to completion. The trailer above was created after a year of shooting, and a couple months of editing.

As a producer, Sohmer loves the process of creating documentary work. With Walk All Night: A Drum Beat Journeythe process was much more on the fly than ones she has previously worked on. She had to trust her instincts and be ready to make decisions quickly, unable to predict what would happen next.

In post production, you’re sometimes excited by and then sometimes paying for those decisions, but that’s just how it is. It’s imperfect and that’s part of its charm. We hope.” – Mallory Sohmer

With the film being an independent project, Mallory felt like there was never enough time or money to do things the way she wished she could have. She and her team were constantly juggling responsibilities, negotiations, and re-thinking how to keep things moving. But, even after capturing 100+ hours of footage,  she still says it’s worth it:

I love being in the field, but I think one of the most rewarding parts of this particular production was the discovery process during post…I’d just say finding the moments that helped to tell our story in the 100+ hours of footage we captured was hard and awesome.” – Mallory Sohmer

Thank you, Mallory Sohmer, for allowing our ETC readers to catch a glimpse at what being a documentary producer really means. If you would like to hire Mallory for your next project, please CONTACT US, so we can connect you with her!

We’d also like to thank the Drum Beat Journey for sharing sharing their film with us! To learn more about the feature, check out their website & social media: & Walk All Night Facebook

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