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Ron Falzone

“In the long run, my job is to inspire the final film.  I don’t dictate it.  I am, after all, the first step in a very long process of production and numerous others will have a say in the final film long after I’ve left.  The way I like to think of it is to say that I create the literary basis for a cinematic medium.  A screenplay ultimately has to be translated into a film.” -Ron Falzone

Hi everyone and thanks for checking out this weeks Exposing The Crew short film!

The plot: It’s 1939 and two writers, stuck in a writing room at MGM, have to write a movie starring Robert Montgomery with the requirements of it having sex, adventure, and a dog.

A writer writing about writers writing. This weeks ETC highlighted crew member is writer Ron Falzone for his jester-ee dialog work in this weeks short film, Typing. A script Mr. Falzone wrote in two hours, as a writing exercise, so that he could “get away from the original (feature film) script” that he was working on.

An award-winning screenwriter and associate professor in the Cinema Art + Science at Columbia College Chicago and the host of two screening series, Talk Cinema and Cinema Slapdown, he is a twelve-time Artist in Residence at The Ragdale Foundation and a recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Artist Fellowship in Screenwriting as well as IAC Finalist Awards for his screenplays Hope’s Dash and Unity in Love.

When asked what inspired the “style” of this film: “I have always been a devotee of Preston Sturges and Billy Wilder, both masters of fast, punchy, ironic dialogue.  In fact, the situation of the film, two writers in 1939 saddled with an impossible assignment, was my musing about what it must have been like in a similar writers office where the inhabitants were Wilder and his then writing partner, Charles Brackett.  I just changed the names.”

The film industry can be brutal to screenwriters, but the most brutal aspect of screenwriting is simply the gumpf it takes to never give up.

The more I write, the better I get, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there is an enormous challenge in keeping my chin up when I can’t find the avenues to production.  Blessedly, I’m a natural optimist.  Or a blind idiot.  Either one works.”

Thank you Ron Falzone for helping create such a unique short film for our viewers this week. If you are interested in collaborating with Ron you can contact him HERE

We’d also like to thank Director Jack C. Newell, for submitting and his contribution to this project. www.jackcnewell.com

Thank you for watching this week’s Exposing the Crew “EXPOSED” short film!

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