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June 21, 2016 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Actors






Chris Agos

An “actor” is a person who tells a story by portraying a character in a play or movie.

Hi everyone and thanks for joining us here at Exposing the Crew: A Place for Chicago-made Short Films!

This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT is Vessel, a short film about a grieving husband who hopes to bring his wife back from beyond.

“Great talent has the ability to speak with and without words.” (Justin Jackola, Director at JJack  Productions).

A good actor can make the audience believe that he/she is actually going through whatever emotion the character is feeling.  They can portray these emotions through dialogue, action, and expression.  That is why we chose this week’s ETC EXPOSED Chicago actor Chris Agos.

Chris stated that he prepped for his role like any other.  “The story gives us the obvious points, in this case a grieving husband hoped to bring his wife back from beyond.  But equally important is the subtext.”  He also stated that “In scripts, as in life, people rarely say what they actually mean.  I try to figure out what’s going on behind the decisions the character makes.”  The information Chris obtains through his research of a character helps give him a “framework in which to work”.

Directors look for actors who can show vulnerability, allowing themselves to be emotionally naked in front of strangers.  If an actor can learn to tap into those emotions, rather than emote or exaggerate a feeling, it creates a more believable character for the audience.

This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT was provided by Carlo Treviso Pictures.

You can get more information about Chris on IMDb, and/or follow him on Twitter @ChrisAgos.

You can also visit for reels and demos, or for information about Chris’ book, Acting In Chicago.

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