Chicago Composer: John Sutton

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April 26, 2016 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Composers, Music






John Sutton

A “Composer” provides the musical accompaniment to a film.

Hi everyone and thanks for joining us here at Exposing the Crew: A Place for Chicago-made Short Films!

This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT is the trailer for the short film Pilgrim.   

We are unable to provide the full short due to the film still showing at festivals.

“Without the mystical, western vibe that this music brought to this film I don’t think the film would have worked. The film worked.” (Justin Jackola, Director at JJack  Productions)

Pilgrim is a short film about a taxi driver.  A middle aged, Muslim immigrant that is consumed by the ideals of a John Wayne style of justice.  When faced with moral dilemmas, he enforces these unspoken codes of conduct as he struggles to uphold the tenets of Islam.

A film composer provides the musical accompaniment that blends with the character’s dialogue and actions to create a specific mood.  These musical motifs can create moments of surprise, sadness, and possibly help the audience develop a new understanding of the movie.

The music scores are developed after the composer, director/producer watch the film without music.  This is called a “spotting session”.  Once they have finished watching the film, they work through the scenes to discuss where there might be music and what the music should do for each scene.

After a spotting session has been completed (and budget has been determined) a scoring session begins.  A scoring session is when the music for the film is recorded.

Thank you for watching this week’s “EXPOSED” short film, and reading our new blog Exposing the Crew: A Place for Chicago-made Short Films!

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