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Fate Accompli


Foley Artist


Steve Baldwin

A “Foley Artist” is a person who creates, or re-creats, sounds that were not recorded or lost during filming


Hi everyone and thanks for joining us here at Exposing the Crew: A Place for Chicago-made Short Films!

This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT is Fate Accompli.  A merciless contract killer hires a seductive call girl to pass the time in his luxury hotel room, but gets more than he bargained for when she reveals another agenda.

“Like many artists in this industry, a good Foley Artist is an invisible one.  Notice the subtle sound effects when the character signs the receipt or  when he opens the hotel room door.” (Justin Jackola, Director at JJack  Productions)

A talented Foley Artist creates (or recreates) audio effects for film, television, and radio productions.  These sounds either replace original sound tracks completely or augment existing sound.  Many of the sounds you heard in this film were created by this weeks EXPOSED Foley Artist, Steve Baldwin.

Since most things on a film set are fake, it is the task of the Foley Artist to match the sounds to the action.  Steve stated that they used a video monitor to view the film sequences that required Foley, and took several practice runs.  When ready, he would then record a take in sync with the     film sequence.

These Foley sounds were captured using a Sennheiser 416mkh short shotgun and a Neumann U89i microphone in a Geoff Daking Mic Pre One preamp and captured these sounds in ProTools.

Steve noted that, “Many times  a single action would be broken down into several smaller actions that were layered to create the desired sound.  For example, when the hitman takes the holster out of his belt.  I did one pass of just leather and another pass of the snaps catching on his belt.”

Thank you to Sigsaly Entertainment for your submission of Fate Accompli. To learn more about them, visit them on Facebook at:  SIGSALY Entertainment.

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