Chicago Producer: Anuradha Rana and Laurie Little

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August 2, 2016 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Producers






Anuradha Rana and Laurie Little

A Documentary “Producer” is the person responsible for ALL aspects of making a documentary film happen.

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This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT is the short documentary, Variations.

“Most independant documentaries are completed with small crews. So what does a documentary Producer do? Everything.” (Justin Jackola, Director at JJack Productions).

A documentary producer has multiple tasks that must be completed before, during, and after a documentary production in order to make the film come to life.  They spend a lot of hours being journalists, visionaries, managers, fund raisers, directors, writers, cinematographers, writers, and planners (to name a few).  Honestly, to list all of their tasks this week’s blog would look more like the fine print listed at the bottom of a drug commercial.

It is truly amazing how many skills are required, and this week’s ETC Exposed crew members, Anuradha Rana and Laurie Little, were the team that brought their talents together to create this week’s film.

Prior to filming, producers often plan and develop a basic story board.  They create a list of people to interview, places to film, and events that could be included to help tell the story.  They are responsible for obtaining cameras, lighting, and hiring crew.  They are also required to find the money that will help fund the project for its entirety.  This requires developing a budget and concept that investors will financially support.

During filming, they are the manager of the production.  This involves making sure that the crew has everything they need to do their jobs, and being flexible enough to flow with any changes that could happen during filming.

After filming, the producer also works closely with the editor(s), and other post-production crew members to make sure that the project’s original concept is in line with the final production.  They may also transcribe each interview and compile the material into a script for the editor(s) to make the film easier to assemble.

After the film is completely done, the producers go on the hunt for distributors or may decide to self-distribute.

From development to distribution, after it’s all said and done the producer makes it all happen.

This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT was submitted by Freedom Lovers Film.

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