Chicago Stunt Coordinator: Treyson Ptak and Brian Gill

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July 19, 2016 | 1-Exposing The Crew, Stunts




Stunt Coordinator


Treyson Ptak and Brian Gill

A “Stunt Coordinator” is an experienced stunt performer hired to arrange the stunt performances for a production.

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This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT is the teaser for Against, a fantasy feature film by JJack Productions that supports victims of abuse.

“As the Director of this project it was an honor to work with both our stunt coordinators to create an intense, clean, and safe scene. It was particularly challenging because of the fact that the film is done in a single shot.” (Justin Jackola, Director at JJack Productions).

Although this week’s ETC EXPOSED crew members, Brian Gill and Treyson Ptak, came from different combat training backgrounds, they were equal in their ability to create an intense yet safe environment for the cast and crew. Brian’s experience is mostly based in stage combat through the Society of American Fight Directors, and Treyson Ptak’s experience comes from a background in Western European Martial Arts. Brian stated, “I believe the combination of the two (along with the fact that we both simply hit it off and thoroughly enjoyed working together) was what made our involvement with the shoot so successful.”

Treyson and Brian used longsword techniques, and basic striking techniques, to train the talent. They had the opportunity to teach the actress how to properly fall, without a mat, in the authentic medieval armor, without hurting herself.  Treyson and Brian were also responsible for creating ambient sword striking sound effects off screen during the scene.  “Showing the actor how to use the longsword was pretty nice” stated Treyson, “the crew got very quiet, and there was a collective “ooo” the first time I hit the shield that Brian was holding.”

When I asked Brian about his experience on set, he stated “It was a lot of fun maneuvering our way through the shoot in regards to choreography and safety in such a tight space.  Broadswords and bedroom ceilings are a tricky combination!”

Together, this dueling duo had an instant connection and enjoyed working together.  Treyson stated “We are definitely the same breed of odd that’s for sure. This helped us work and collaborate in a rapid and seamless fashion.”

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