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The Jamz (TV Series)


Supervising Producer


Angie Gaffney

A “Supervising Producer” is a person who oversees all aspects of a video production.

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This week’s ETC HIGHLIGHT is The Jamz.   

“It’s phenomenal what it takes to conceive, nurture, grow, and sustain a TV series. It takes an amazing crew and amazing Producers to make it happen and make it happen well.” (Justin Jackola, Director at JJack Productions)

The Jamz is a new 30-minute television comedy series that takes you behind the scenes of the most dysfunctional #1-rated radio station in Chicago.

When the New York Television Festival’s (NYTVF) team approached this week’s ETC EXPOSED crew member, Angie Gaffney, with a script (and budget) and said “We want to make this in Chicago.” she said, “Let’s do it.”

As the Supervising Producer, Angie worked closely with the writers, directors, casting directors, and other production staff.  Managing the “physical production from development all the way through post”.

The show was shot in twelve days, with ten of the days being overnight. Angie stated that since they shot a lot of overnights, “…keeping morale high and communication constant was really important.”  They began each day by going over the goals for that day with the crew and the NYTVF team. Since they were shooting nearly 8-10 pages/day, goals were a critical part of the daily process.

When I asked what her favorite thing was about her role in the making of this television show, she stated that, “The most rewarding part of the whole process is that I feel we’re leading an era, of sorts.  Having an independent TV show be written, produced, and completed here in Chicago is somewhat unprecedented”, and that it is “by far one of my favorite productions that I’ve ever worked on.”

You can learn more about Angie Gaffney at

The Jamz is rated TV-14, and is now available on iTunes and Netflix.

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